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About Madhura Mridanga

Madhura Mridanga is a joint venture of Tamaltree and Karunya Musicals. This unique product is a result of thorough research & development and a sincere desire to work for cow protection at the same time offer quality products.

We understand that central to the mission of sankirtana movement is the resounding sweetness of mridanga & kartala as espoused in the daily prayer of Gaura arati in thousands of temples across the world – “shankha baje ghanta baje madhura mridanga baje”- the name of the product should resonate with emotions of devotion in devotees.

Madhura Mridanga is a Made-in-India product following the unique vision of Make In India.

We endeavor to consistently maintain our quality assurance a zero defect manufacturing process. We are also implementing industry best practices in Customer Care Support.

Madhura Mridanga, apart from its quality of sound is also completely cruelty-free as it does not have any leather in its making! Hence Madhura Mridanga is a mridanga with a heart!

Our Legacy

Madhura mridanga project is a manifestation of a vision and legacy of this divine grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Srila Prabhupada wanted that Mridangas (specifically Khol) be either produced using leather obtained from naturally dead cows or that the Mridangas be made synthetically using technology. In other words, if leather were not available from naturally dead cows, obviously, the only option left is to use synthetic one.

Read the “Current Scenario of Leather Mridangas being manufactured”.

All in all, Mridanga being the integral part of spreading the sankirtana movent inaugurated by of spreading the sankirtana movement inaugurated by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu more than 500 years ago; it ought to be made available widely at the disciples and grand disciples have indeed made numerous attempts which are extremely laudable efforts to fulfill the vision of Srila prabhupada ours too is a humble in this mission.

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In 2011, Sriman Bharat Chandra Dasa, while being involved in the Daiva Varnasrama Mission under the blessings of his Guru Maharaj, His Holiness Bhakti Raghava Maharaj, penned an article titled “Our Sankirtana Movement Tainted with Blood of Slaughter”. The article vividly described the alarming scenario of how the cows were mercilessly killed for a huge leather business and how the leather is being obtained for making Mridangas. These Mridangas produced as a result of violence was in turn used to spread message of peace through Sankirtana movement. An irony in itself.

Read the article “Our Sankirtana Tainted with Blood of Slaughter”

Prior to this article there had been serious observations on various occasions made by Vaisnavas. Those observations were also published on blogs and websites. However, not much had been achieved.

Bhakta Sujal and Lakshmipati Das at Mayapur made a pioneering effort to produce Ahimsa Mridanga. Such efforts witnessed challenges in verifying the authenticity of source of leather.

Ultimately, many such efforts had been discontinued.

Today, although sellers claim and advertise that their Mridanga is Ahimsa based, rest assured, the supplier can never assure the authenticity to such a claim.

With a mission at hand the frantic search and contemplation met the brilliant and scientific mind of Sri Dr. Varadaranganji at Bangalore. Dr. Varadaranganji is a famous vocalist and a wonderful human being feeling pain at heart seeing the exploitation of other living entities. He is a former scientist too. This unique combination in him had made him to set out to research and come out with a synthetic Mridanga that sounds like, if not better, than a leather Mridanga.

Coincidentally he had come across the article by Bharat Chandra Dasa – in 2011

Read more about the efforts & successful products of Dr. Varadarangan at Karunya Musicals (Sri Mridangam).

Through Srimati Diana Ratnagar, Chairperson of a wonderful organization – ‘Beauty Without Cruelty‘, little did Bharat Chandra Dasa know that his search would come to an end. She connected him to Dr. Varadarangan.

Today, Madhura Mridanga, a trademark and a patented technology, is offering this product to help manifold the mission of Sankirtana movement with full confidence.

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Current Scenario of Leather Mridangas being manufactured

  • 99.9% of Leather Mridangas are made from the leather obtained from slaughtered cows.
  • Leather is more than a byproduct of killing. In fact the leather business is more lucrative. That makes the meat market as a byproduct and leather as the main business. Cows are ferried regularly in Mayapur (boats) and border area for slaughter.
  • From one cow on an average 2-4 mridangas can be made.
  • More than 6000 Leather khols are being sold annually all over the world. In other words, around 3000 to 2000 cows are being killed annually just for the sake of catering to the Mridanga market all over the world!
  • Only leather of cows sounds best for Khols/ Mridangas. Not that of buffalo or goat, etc. Hence cows are routinely killed for leather to be used in Mridangas.
  • Leather Mridangas are mostly made from mould made of mud. Rest are made from brass or fibre. But the heads are still made from leather.
  • The disadvantages of leather khols are that they are Not Durable, the Pitch varies drastically with variation in temperature, they are Not Tunable, they are Very Fragile and Very difficult to maintain (to keep it safe from animals and insects which destroy leather, apart from the fungus that catches the leather in regions with heavy rainfall).
  • On an average, one leather mridanga with mud body lasts long for 2 years if it is handled by multiple players which is the case in a temple or a congregation centre.

What makes Madhura Mridanga different?

  1. It is durable – half-life is 20 years. Does not break unless dropped from above 10 feet on a stone.
  2. It is tunable within minutes. It can be tuned to a wide range of semitones.
  3. It is safe- made from plastic used for implantable materials.
  4. It is weather-proof. In other words, it does not vary with temperature variation.
  5. It is light weighted. Can carry for long during sankirtana
  6. It is liked by expert players. The sound quality is as good as leather Mridangas.
  7. This new invention will become the cause of saving cows.
  8. The Karane or syahi (the black part) is chemically bonded. Hence there is no wear and tear of this part. 
  9. The heads are made from Bio-safe material – Polypropylene and polyester films. There is no chance of laceration or bleaching because the polymer is a single molecule material. Vegetable colors are also used making it safe on the skin.

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