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Superb sound quality! | 100% Ahimsa | Durable for lifetime | Weather-proof | Light weight | Rust-proof | Bio-safe | Painless to Hands!

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Madhura Mridanga!

Madhura Mridanga is a result of Research and Development jointly conducted by Centre for Traditional Education and Vidwan Dr. Varadaranganji. What ensued is what we are offering now! An Ahimsa Khol with a superb sound quality, durable, tunable, weather proof, painless to hands and long lasting! Madhura Mridanga is tested and lauded by experts!

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Sound Quality

The quality of sound is second to none! Expert Mridanga players know that the highest quality instrument is of paramount important service to the sankritan mission of Sri Chaitanya


Long life is assured! Madhura
Mridanga lasts for a lifetime.



Madhura Mridanga is Weather-proof! With changes in weather conditions, be it rains or hot summer, there will be  no change of the pitch!


Madhura Mridanga can be tuned to any tones and semitones in minutes! A tuning spanner is enclosed in the pocket provided in the strap. Be it street Sankirtan or Bhajan, it can be tuned quickly!

Light Weight

Light Weight

At 4.3 Kg, Madhura Mridanga is the lightest Mridanga or Khol available! Best for long kirtans and most suitable for Matajis and young kids to play. Madhura Mridanga is even painless to the hands too!


100% Ahimsa

With absolutely no leather used, Madhura Mridanga is 100% Ahimsa! Become the cause of saving at least one cow & a calf! Annually 10,000 Leather Khols are sold causing 5,000 cows to be killed for the sake of Mridangas!

Madhura Mridanga Played In


Madhura mridanga was played by Late Vidvan Sri V.R.Chandrashekhar in a Traditional South Indian Percussion concert known as “Tala-Vadya” sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Govt of India and organized by “Kala Premi Foundation”, Bangalore.

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