Madhura Mridanga – Premium (Handpainted + Complete kit)

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Madhura Mridanga that lasts for a lifetime! Superb sound quality, 100% Ahimsa, Weather-proof, Tunable, Painless to hands, and Lightweight! The kit includes 1 Bag, A pair of Head Pads, 1 Ring Pad, Tuning Nut caps for Big side, 1 Wrench, and 1 Strap.








Material: The body is made up of a highly durable material called, Fibre-glass. The heads are made up of the bio-safe material Polyester films and the black head caps are made up of rubber. The nuts and bolts are made of high-quality stainless steel.

  • The ‘Premium model’ includes by default the 1 Marroon/ Blue Cloth Cover, 1 Bag, A pair of Head Pads, 1 Ring Pad, Tuning Nut caps for Big side, 1 Wrench, and 1 Strap. 

Product weight without packing (Net weight): 5.2Kg

Product weight after packaging (Gross weight): 8.2Kg

Volumetric weight: 21Kg (Please note that Volumetric weight = (length X breadth X Height) / 5000)


Weight 8500 g
Dimensions 38 × 38 × 72 cm
Painted Madhura Mridanga

Krishna with Cow 1, Krishna with Cow 2, Krishna with Cows, Shloka 1, Shloka 2, Jagannath 2, Cow & Calf 1, Cow & Calf 2, Cow & Calf 3, Flute, Lotus Flower, Full Cow, Cow 1, Cow 2, Jagannath, Gomata, Sri Radha, Shrinathji


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Product Contains

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Ring Pad

This feather-lite Ring Pad (weighing just about 150gms) helps Mridanga to be placed in a horizontal position always, thus avoiding keeping in a vertical position which can lead to tripping and falling apart from the loss of tuning slightly. Once placed on the Ring Pad, the Mridanga is firm and fixed. It does not roll or move. It is made of highly durable material and is washable!

Head Pad

These Head Pads for Madhura Mridanga are custom designed from heavy duty, washable material. These head pads are invaluable when it comes to protecting the Heads and the Head Rings. You need not remove them and let them remain on the Mridanga. Just unzip it to play, tie both pads easily and that becomes an additional grip and cushion on the legs to play the Mridanga!

You can lift the elastic portion up a bit to tune the Mridanga without having to remove the Head pads.

They come with the branding of Madhura Mridanga logo that looks elegant!

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Cloth Cover

The velvet cloth covers are custom-designed specifically for Madhura Mridangas, providing optimal protection to ensure your Mridanga in excellent condition. These covers are available in two elegant colors crafted from luxurious velvet fabric.

Head Cap (Rubber)

Head rings made of rubber are designed to protect the heads of Madhura Mridangas, offering both durability and an elegant appearance. Unlike plastic rings previously used, rubber rings are advantageous because they are unbreakable and long-lasting.

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The Heads for Madhura Mridanga are indeed similar in function to traditional clay mridangas made with cow skin. Both types serve the same purpose of producing sound, but they differ in their construction materials. Madhura Mridanga heads are made from synthetic polyester films, ensuring 100% ahimsa without any leather content.

Nut Bolt

The larger-sized head for the left side of the Madhura Mridanga is equipped with 12 stainless steel nuts and bolts, while the smaller-sized head for the right side contains 10 stainless steel nuts and bolts. These components play a crucial role in tuning the mridanga heads effectively, allowing musicians to adjust the tension and achieve the desired pitch and sound quality.

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The body of the Madhura Mridanga is constructed from a highly durable material known as fiberglass. This material is renowned for its longevity, being non-breakable, and lightweight, making it ideal for maintaining the instrument’s structural integrity while ensuring ease of handling and transport.


Good quality, durable carry bag custom designed for Madhura Mridanga.


  1. Length – 27 inches
  2. Breadth – 13 inches
  3. Height – 12 inches
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The Madhura Mridanga strap is crafted from heavy-duty cotton material, featuring strong buckles that securely attach to the mridanga. It includes a neck rest with a soft cushion effect, designed to provide comfort during extended kirtans or musical sessions. Additionally, the strap is elegantly branded with the Madhura Mridanga logo, adding to its aesthetic appeal and identity.


A 10mm size spanner is used for tuning the Madhura Mridanga. This tool is essential for adjusting the stainless steel nuts and bolts on the mridanga heads, allowing musicians to achieve precise tuning and desired pitch levels.

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